About Calipso Pools & Spas

Summer pool maintenance does not have to be difficult. Your pool should be a pleasure, not a chore. Let the experienced and qualified staff at Calipso Pools and Spa’s take the worry out of caring for your pool.

Our showroom at Palmerston is well stocked with quality Focus Chemicals, Hayward and Novia Filtration and Pure Silk Chlorinators.

Our onsite workshop is well stocked with parts for most makes and models of equipment, Most repairs are done in house for a fast return to you so your pool is up and running for your enjoyment.

Our Motto – Remember, Swim more, work less

Our service includes:

  • Pool maintenance and service (regular or casual)
  • Pool and equipment condition reports
  • Quality water analysis
  • Equipment repairs
  • Show and tell to new owners or tenants
  • Replacement pumps, filters and clorinators